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  • Identify and Conquer Weakness

    Practicing with test series designed by Career Ladder helps to identify gaps in preparation and weak spots in the syllabus.
    Students are provided with PERSONALISED PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS and DETAILED SOLUTIONS after completing the mock tests.
    This helps to focus on the areas where one lags and conquer those weaknesses resulting in a much higher score in the actual exam.

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  • Boost up the confidence

    Nervousness during the exam adversely effects the exam performance. It has been observed that many a times, students screw up in the exam because of being too nervous or over stress.
    Preparing with Career Ladder's test series BOOSTS UP THE CONFIDENCE required to excel in the exams.
    Feeling confident during the exam remarkably IMPROVES MEMORY AND RECALL POWER which is of utmost importance in the exam.

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  • Feel of the Real Test

    Career Ladder's tests are designed exactly like the actual test, which will make you feel the real test like just another practice test.
    Many students score significantly lower than their potential because they don't have enough practice beforehand.
    Also, it's important that you practice from SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED mock tests like from Career Ladder or other such expert institution because practicing from sub standard materials will do more harm than good.

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Career Ladder's tests are PROVEN TO INCREASE the score in the actual exam by as much as 90%.
A study done on a group of students found that the students who practiced using Career Ladder's test series scored almost twice as much compared to the students who didn't practice any mock tests and around 50% higher than the ones who practiced using regular available mock tests on the internet.
In a survey, more than 96% of the parents admitted that they would STRONGLY RECOMMEND Career Ladder's test series.

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